Moving House

 For those who are not aware, I am in the process of legitimizing my writing career. Though I have loved my time on livejournal, especially meeting all of you, it's time I bow to corporate pressure.
Thus:is where I can be found from now on.
Older pieces from livejournal (and lieffpile) will be transferred over, and I will no longer be checking in.
So I hope you who read this (you know I mean YOU) come and visit me in my new location, and drop me a hello with your email or subscribe, so I can keep in touch!
Thanks for being there for me,
all of you,
see you soon!

Music of Wintery Goodness!

Here, as promised!

Mix: Southern Hemisphere Snowfall
(click link to download the .zip file!)

Track List:
Let It Snow (live) - Mika
Anna Sun - Walk the Moon
Romans 10:9 - The Mountain Goats
Brother - Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros
Vesuvius - Sufjan Stevens
Trust - Generationals
I Just Wanted to Be Your Friend - My Morning Jacket
I Became Awake - Great Lake Swimmers
Meet Me in the Morning - Bob Dylan
Silver Moon - Blitzen Trapper
Middleclass Guilt - Paper Cranes
The Ice is Getting Thinner - Death Cab For Cutie
New Loneliness - Sarah Harmer
Into Your Light (Acoustic Remix) - Leaves' Eyes
Mausoleum - Wintersleep
Swinging Bells - Plants and Animals


The Flurries

It's been a wild time for me lately, with all sorts of personal stuffs getting in the way of life. I hate that conundrum, but it happens. Feels like my writing brain has atrophied. But I just used "atrophied" in a sentence, so perhaps just hibernation.
Wintery Mix is on the way for you musical people out there, and more creative writing (and drawings) will follow.

Hey You!

 Welcome, this is my private journal.

I say private, but I mean "friends only".

For some reason you want to read my random jottings. Maybe you're bored. Maybe you know me from some local cafe or not-so-local chat room. Maybe you're being held at gunpoint by Russian mobsters and you typed in the address randomly, assuring your captors that "she's the one you want", and now you have no access to proof.

Leave a comment to be added. 

(Unless you really are sending the mob after me, then go see rephen .)

My (better) writing journal is lieffpile .

Track Of The Week #3

Sea Wolf, a.k.a. Alex Brown Church (formerly of Irving. Anyone? "Situation" etc.? Anyone?).

He first sold me when I checked out his MySpace page (I know, I know, just bear with me…) and saw that under “Influences” he has listed pretty much every other artist with “Wolf” in their name, and a couple who don’t but wrote songs that have “Wolf” in the title and so (apparently) count anyway.

If whimsy isn’t a strong selling point for you, how about beauty? He has wonderful lyrics, at least, he does in his five track EP, “Get To The River Before It Runs Too Low”, unfortunately the only material I own by him.

He's not terribly well known, despite his rather extensive (and rapidly growing) discography and talent that smacks you in the face like a pack of girl-guide cookies which have secretly been filled with broken piano keys, mixed in with that sugary goodness they keep telling me is icing and not in fact the cocaine-laced earwax of angels. But he's definitely going somewhere, and fast.

To say that I’m craving another of his albums is a slight understatement.
His voice makes me want to dance, cry, and fill a bathtub with hot chocolate and bathe in it forever.

And I thought I had it bad when I discovered Vietnamese iced coffee.
New Album, "Leaves In The River". Available now, probably with a little hunting and tenacity.

I have a crush...